Breast Augmentation

Small, undefined, or asymmetrical breasts can affect the proportions of your body and make you feel self-conscious about your appearance.

In Dallas, Dr. David L. Liland can tailor a breast augmentation to your needs to help enhance the size, shape, and proportion of your bust.

So why should you consider breast implants?

A Breast Augmentation Can Transform Your Appearance

Customizable Results

Dr. Liland offers implants in a variety of sizes and shapes. He can help you select an implant to achieve the volume and contour you desire for your augmented bust.

Improved Symmetry

A breast augmentation can also improve the symmetry between your breasts. Dr. Liland can design a procedure that complements your proportions for a more feminine appearance.

Increased Self-Confidence

If you feel self-conscious about the size or shape of your breasts, an augmentation can allow you to take greater confidence in your appearance, which can have a significant impact on all aspects of your life.

Take a look at the breast augmentation process...

Not sure if breast implants are right for you?

Have You Lost Breast Tissue?

In addition to addressing cosmetic issues, Dr. Liland can use breast implants to replace tissue lost due to a mastectomy or injury. After these types of traumatic incidents, you may wish to recreate what you have lost. Breast implants can restore a lost sense of balance and femininity so you can feel like yourself again.

So who qualifies for breast implants?

Dr. Liland Typically Recommends Implants to Patients Who:

Are in Good Health

To qualify for treatment, you should be physically healthy without any conditions that could compromise your safety during or after surgery

Are Not Pregnant

Both breastfeeding and pregnancy can alter the size and shape of your breasts. We recommend waiting until you are finished having children before pursuing breast surgery.

Are Unhappy with Their Breasts

Women who desire fuller, firmer breasts can achieve a more youthful physique with breast implants, restoring their sense of self-confidence.

Have Realistic Expectations

It is important to honestly discuss your expectations with Dr. Liland during your consultation so he can ensure that an augmentation is the right procedure to achieve your goals.

Have Minor Sagging

Breast implants cannot address severe sagging or stretched skin. However, Dr. Liland can combine implants with a breast lift for patients to achieve fuller breasts and remove excess skin.

Are you convinced breast augmentation is right for you?

Every Aspect of a Breast Augmentation Can Be Customized to Your Needs

Breast augmentation is a highly customizable procedure. During your initial consultation in Dallas, Dr. Liland can discuss your desires and goals with you. Based on this conversation, he can help you choose the right type of incision, the optimal implant placement, and the type of implant most suited to your needs. 

Dr. Liland has over 25 years of experience in plastic surgery. In addition, he regularly attends continuing education courses to ensure he can provide the most advanced treatments and techniques for his patients.

Diagram of how augmentation changes the breast

The placement of your implants can affect your results...

Comparison of submuscular and subglandular implant placement

Understanding Your Implant Options

There are two primary types of breast implants: silicone and saline. Each type offers their own advantages. Dr. Liland can help you choose the best implants for you based on your priorities and desired results. In addition to the material, you can also select from a range of shapes and projections to provide even more personalized effects.

Breast implants

Wondering what to expect during a breast augmentation?

Preparing for Breast Augmentation

Patients should abstain from smoking for at least two weeks prior to surgery. In addition, you should refrain from taking medication that contains aspirin, anticoagulants, Vitamin E, or herbs for two weeks prior to the procedure.

We can provide you with a complete list of medications to avoid at your pre-operation appointment. It is also important to schedule a friend or loved one to drive you to and from surgery and stay with you for the first 24 hours. 

We Perform Breast Implant Surgery as an Outpatient Procedure at Our Surgical Suite in Dallas

incision-2Created with Sketch.

Creating the Incision

After administering anesthesia, we can create small incisions through which to place the implant. We can perform one of three techniques, creating a periareolar, inframammary, or transaxillary incision.

breast-implant-insertionCreated with Sketch.

Placing the Implants

We can place the implant either under or above the pectoral muscle that rests behind the breast tissue.

stitchCreated with Sketch.

Closing the Incisions

Once we have secured the implant in place, we can close the incision with sutures, skin adhesive, or surgical tape. 

braCreated with Sketch.


After surgery, we can wrap your breasts in gauze dressing to minimize any swelling, as well as provide you with a support garment. 

What happens after surgery?

Recovery after Breast Augmentation Takes Several Weeks

For the first 24 to 48 hours, it is common to experience some bruising, swelling, and discomfort. Pain can be managed with either over-the-counter or prescription medication. Over the course of the next several weeks, these side effects should subside. However, patients should still refrain from heavy lifting or rigorous exercise until cleared by Dr. Liland. You can expect to resume most normal activities within three weeks of surgery.

It is important for patients to know what to expect throughout their recovery to ensure the best possible results. Dr. Liland can provide you with thorough at-home instructions and monitor your progress after surgery during follow-up visits.

Take a look at what we can achieve with implants...

Our Patient Results

before breast augmentation
after breast augmentation
Breast augmentation can improve balance and symmetry, as well as enhance the size of the breasts.

Dramatic Results Tailored to Your Goals

You will likely notice a change in the appearance of your breasts immediately after surgery. However, it can take up to a year for your results to completely stabilize. 

Keep in mind that pregnancy, aging, and weight fluctuations can cause your breasts to change. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and a stable weight can help to preserve your results as long as possible. However, breast implants need to be replaced about every 10 years. Dr. Liland offers implant revision surgery for patients whose results have changed or who are dissatisfied with the effects of a previous procedure.

breast implants consultation
As a patient of Dr. Liland, you can expect to be informed of all risks and benefits relating to breast augmentation.

Benefits and Risks of Breast Augmentation 

During your consultation, Dr. Liland can explain breast augmentation pros and cons so that you can make an informed choice about undergoing the procedure. Educated patients often find that the benefits justify the risks. Meanwhile, choosing a highly trained and trusted surgeon like Dr. Liland can help you feel even more confident about undergoing breast augmentation.


Breast implants are approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). They do not affect your breast health or cause breast cancer. Although they can make it harder to detect breast cancer, technology is constantly evolving in order to more accurately detect any abnormalities regardless of the presence of an implant. 

Breast augmentation can improve the fullness, firmness, shape, and size of your breasts in a single surgery, providing a powerful boost in self-confidence. Many patients find that their improved confidence and renewed ability to wear what they want dramatically improves their quality of life. 

Potential Risks 

According to the FDA, complications occur in at least one percent implant patients. They can occur during the procedure, shortly after, or years later:

During Surgery 

Anesthesia complications and bleeding are both complications that can occur during surgery. Dr. Liland will conduct a thorough review of your medical history to make certain that you can safely undergo surgery.

During Recovery 

After surgery, patients can expect:

  • Soreness
  • Sensitivity
  • Bruising 
  • Swelling

These effects subside on their own within a few weeks. If they do not, contact our practice immediately to discuss your treatment options. 

Other risks include infection and developing a hematoma. If you experience any symptoms of infection, contact your surgeon right away.

A hematoma is a pooling of blood beneath the skin. For example, a bruise is considered a mild hematoma. However, the condition can also occur under a breast implant, causing persistent pain and other issues. We will schedule follow-up exams to make certain these issues are not affecting your recovery.

Dr. Liland performs about 500 breast surgeries per year.

Long-Term Risks 

The long-term risks of breast augmentation surgery include: 

Implants do not last forever, and you will eventually need to have one or both replaced at some point.

These issues can be treated by Dr. Liland with revision breast surgery.

What You Can Do to Lower Your Risks 

There are several things that you can do to lower your risk of complications, including: 

  • Choosing the right implant surgeon: Choosing a highly trained surgeon to perform implant surgery is the single most important thing patients can do to ensure the success of their procedure. Since early in his career, Dr. Liland has performed about 500 breast surgeries per year. A growing number of patients choose him because of the excellent results he consistently provides.  
  • Quitting smoking: Smoking is not recommended for patients who are considering breast surgery because it increases the risk of complications and can compromise healing. 
  • Attending your follow-up visits: It is important to attend every follow-up appointment with Dr. Liland. If your wounds are healing slowly, this can increase your risk of infection. However, most infections can be stopped with prescription antibiotics.  
  • Being aware of symptoms: During your recovery, watch for symptoms such as redness, swelling, and burning that do not go away. 

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