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Do I Need To Lose Weight Before A Mommy Makeover?

After having children, many women become uncomfortable in their post-baby bodies and look into weight loss solutions. When finding they are not achieving their desired results from diet and exercise, they look into cosmetic procedures to speed up their journey back to their youthful, pre-pregnancy bodies. Mommy makeovers are the first procedures they look into when aiming to reshape their body to achieve their desired goal. 

Mommy makeovers can be life-changing to a patient when done successfully by a highly skilled and experienced plastic surgeon. They typically include breast procedure, a tummy tuck to remove excess skin, and liposuction to remove fat from areas it is unwanted. Although mommy makeovers are procedures that can lend a helping hand in the weight loss process, patients should be aware that it is not a weight loss solution on its own.

Do I need to lose weight before a mommy makeover?

A mommy makeover, or any surgery related to body contouring, is not meant for weight loss but rather to remove excess skin to restore youthfulness. Even if you get a procedure such as liposuction during your mommy makeover, the excess fat is typically used to sculpt the body by injecting it into areas it is wanted, like the buttocks or breasts, not just thrown away. 

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) recommends that patients be at or within 25 pounds of their goal weight. If you are planning your mommy makeover shortly after pregnancy, be sure to lose most of your baby weight before your procedure day. If your surgeon is aware, they will be sure to disclose this information with you from your very first consultation onward. You should wait at least six months after giving birth before you start considering a mommy makeover.

The role of the mommy makeover in your weight loss journey

The different treatments included in mommy makeovers are great for contouring your body, tightening skin, and bringing back your youthful appearance. Each procedure has a role in rejuvenating your post-baby body back to your pre-pregnancy body. The two mommy makeover procedures most connected with weight loss are the tummy tuck and liposuction.

Tummy tucks get rid of excess skin to tighten the appearance of the stomach, but they do not take the fat out. If you lost a lot of weight in your abdominal area after having children, but feel that your hard work is covered by the extra skin stretched from pregnancy, the tummy tuck is perfect for you.

If you’re getting liposuction as part of your mommy makeover, keep in mind that removing more fat can result in a longer recovery. Try to be at your ideal weight before the procedure so the only fat that will need to be removed during the procedure is within problem areas you cannot target with exercise or diet. For many women, this stubborn fat resides in their lower stomach, love handles, and lower backs.

Even breast reduction surgery, a procedure in which the size of the breasts is minimized, is not meant to make you lose weight. It is rather meant to remove excess skin, tissue, and fat from heavy and uncomfortable breasts to improve their proportion to the rest of your body.

Why should I be at my ideal weight before a mommy makeover?

You should try to find a lifestyle that works for you and keeps you at a weight that you can maintain. Being at your ideal weight before your procedure will help with your liposuction recovery as well as the possible need for revision surgeries later on.

What happens if I wait until after the procedure to lose weight?

You should try to lose as much weight as you need to feel comfortable in your body before the procedure. Try to be at a weight that not only makes you feel confident but is also realistic to maintain. Waiting until after your mommy makeover procedure to lose weight may have a negative impact on your surgery results. If you lose more fat after your mommy makeover, you’ll cause the skin which was tightened during your procedure to become loose again. If you decide to lose more weight after surgery, you may end up with drooping breasts and sagging skin. You may then need further procedures to remove excess skin and achieve your initial desired goal.

What happens if I gain weight after a mommy makeover?

If you gain too much weight after a mommy makeover procedure, you risk the probability of needing or wanting further cosmetic procedures done in the future. If you include breast augmentation surgery in your treatments and gain a significant amount of weight after your mommy makeover, you may start to see stretch marks.

How can I maintain a healthy weight following a mommy makeover?

Rather than starting a strict diet and doing a rigorous exercise routine to reach your ideal weight before your mommy makeover, make lifestyle changes. Avoid crash diets and over-exercising to achieve your goals. These may actually weaken your body and cause more risks heading into surgery. 

As you’ll want to maintain this weight even after surgery, it is best to find a routine that feels comfortable to you so you can be consistent with it long-term. The mommy makeover does not just take the fat away for you; it helps sculpt your body once you find a weight you are comfortable with. Find a lifestyle that fits you, get used to it, and then prepare for your mommy makeover.

If you are struggling to find a lifestyle that makes you feel confident and happy, start by considering the following methods of maintaining a healthy weight:

  • Eating a nutritionally balanced diet (important: make sure you include foods you enjoy, or you’ll never stick to it!)
  • Exercising regularly
  • Staying hydrated by drinking plenty of water
  • Sleeping eight hours a night

What if I lose more weight than I’m able to keep off?

If you gain your weight back after the procedure, you risk stretching your skin and creating more excess skin. As mentioned above, try to lose unwanted weight by developing lifestyle changes you can realistically maintain rather than losing it through a dangerous, drastic method that feels uncomfortable.

Mommy makeovers: contouring your body after weight loss

Successfully maintained weight loss is achieved with proper diet and exercise, and cosmetic procedures are better performed after weight loss to shape and sculpt the body, helping you reach your goal. The mommy makeover is the final step in getting your dream body after having children; it should not be the only action taken toward your post-baby body goals.