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Breast Implant Exchange Dallas

Get your breast implants exchanged and upgraded.

Dr. Liland has helped many Dallas breast implant exchange patients to replace their old breast implants with new and more suitable implants.

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What Is Breast Implant Exchange?

Breast implants are not designed to last for the duration of a patient’s life, and so the vast majority of patients will require further surgery to have their breast implants removed and often replaced.

Breast implant exchange patients tend to be those who require or desire a new set of implants as their current implants have been in for many years. Many women choose to replace their implants around ten years after their original breast augmentation procedure.

Some patients will simply replace their breast implants with a new version of implants similar to their original pair. These patients are likely undergoing a removal and replacement procedure as they are happy with their implant choice but require a new set of implants as their current ones need replacing, for example, if they have ruptured.

Choosing Your New Implants

Some patients desire the same implant type but simply require a new set. These patients are happy with their initial implant choice and feel that the material, shape, and size are still what they desire. In these cases, the patient will be able to evaluate the other implant types but tend to have the same type inserted – simply an exchange of the same implants just a newer version.

However, other patients will desire a different type of implant from the ones they are having removed. For example, a patient who had a breast augmentation procedure when they were in their twenties or thirties might feel that this implant type is less desirable when they are in their thirties or forties. A lot can change for patients over ten years, including having children for many patients. 

These patients often come in desiring a breast implant exchange and wanting a new implant type. For some patients, this may mean a smaller size or a more natural-looking implant so a less dramatic projection or a different implant shape. Dr. Liland will be able to discuss and review these needs in your consultation and suggest various suitable new implant types for you to examine.

Additionally, some patients undergo a breast augmentation procedure when they are young, for example, some patients will be between the ages of 18 and 21 when they undergo the procedure. In these cases, the patients would have had saline implants as silicone implants are not FDA approved until the age of 22 and so these patients would not be able to get anything other than saline implants. For these patients, they may come in for an implant exchange ten or so years later and desire to have silicone implants inserted. 

About Dr. Liland

Dr Liland is a board-certified plastic surgeon with over 30 years of experience in performing a wide range of cosmetic procedures. He specializes in performing breast work, including both the initial augmentation procedure and subsequent implant exchanges or revisions.

Due to Dr. Liland’s many years of experience, he has inserted numerous patients’ original implants and, then, years later, performed their implant exchange. Dr Liland is local to Dallas as he was born and raised here and has continued to serve the community throughout his 30 years in practice.

American Society of Plastic Surgery states that “this surgery should be performed by a board-certified plastic surgeon who is well-trained and experienced in all types of breast surgery and who will listen to patient’s goals and desires and will develop a surgical plan specifically to address all of the issues at the time of surgery”.

During your consultation, Dr. Liland will discuss your needs, answer any questions and address any concerns you may have. He will also be able to recommend a tailored surgical plan based on your individual needs and will go through the various implant types and options with you to ensure you will be happy with your new set of implants.

Preparing for the Procedure

Before the Consultation

Choosing your implants requires a lot of decision making and it is important to consider your desires and continue to re-evaluate your surgical needs and your ideal results long before coming in for surgery.

Although implants will not last a lifetime, they tend to last many years and patients must consider what their needs will be over the next few years when they come in for an exchange procedure.


A revision or exchange procedure is not a routine surgery as it must be completely customized to each patient’s individual needs and goals.

Additionally, you will still need to undergo a full assessment and discuss your medical history with your doctor and explain the current medications you are on.

Before the Procedure

Our breast implant exchange patients should stop smoking at least a month before the procedure and it is recommended that alcohol intake also be reduced or stopped in the month before your surgery. Staying healthy and ensuring you eat a well-balanced diet and exercise in the months before your procedure will also increase the likelihood of a smooth recovery period.

How Is Breast Exchange Surgery Performed?


Patients are generally administered a general anesthesia for the procedure.

If you’re interested in learning more about anesthesia please visit our page on Sedation Options.


the incision line will be made on the breast so that the original breast implants can be removed from the breast. The location of the incision will vary based on the type of implants and on where your incision line was made for your original breast procedure. Dr. Liland will be able to discuss the incision sites with you during your consultation so you are clear on the specifics of your procedure and the scarring that will incur.


Your breast implants will be removed from your breasts. The specifics of the removal will depend on whether you have saline or silicone implants as saline implants can often be deflated before being removed. 

Next, the new set of implants will be inserted into the breasts. Again, if saline implants are inserted these will be filled once in the breast but silicone implants are prefilled when inserted.

Closing the incisions

the incision lines are then closed with stitches, these tend to be dissolvable stitches that will dissolve by themselves during your recovery period. Bandages will be applied to cover the breasts initially after surgery to support the area and to help keep the incision sites clean and prevent infection.


“Wonderful experience and fantastic results with Dr. Liland and his staff. If I had known how easy and quick the recovery would be, I would have done it much sooner.”

N. Fatemian

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Dr. Liland is a board-certified plastic surgeon. He has years of experience in cosmetic surgery and can provide a full range of procedures.

If you want to take the next step and learn more about your options, contact us online or call us. Dr. Liland will help you determine whether treatment is right for you and, if so, which solution best suits your needs.