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Breast Implant Revision Dallas

Alter or exchange your breast implants with a revision procedure.

Dr. Liland specializes in performing a variety of breast procedures. For those looking for breast implant revision in Dallas, Texas, Dr. Liland can help patients who are unhappy with their original breast augmentation to alter or exchange their implants and finally achieve their surgical goals.

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What Is Breast Implant Revision?

Unfortunately, some patients do suffer issues with their implants after an augmentation procedure, such as a rupture or leak. This causes them to require a revision procedure. However, most breast revision procedures are performed because the patient has changed their mind about the implants they decided to have or they are unhappy with the results.

Some patients regret their implant choice and so desire to have their implants changed with either a new material, shape, or size. Other patients, however, are left disappointed by the result of their procedure as they have not been able to achieve the size, shape, or projection they desired and discussed. 

Breast implant revision procedures are therefore performed on these patients so that their initial implants can be replaced and a new and different type of implant can be inserted so they can achieve their ideal result.

Breast implant revision surgery has a 93% worth it rating from previous patients on RealSelf as it can have a variety of benefits, including resolving health issues caused by a patient’s initial surgery or helping patients achieve their surgical goals and ideal figure. 

Reasons For Breast Implant Revision

There is a wide range of reasons why a patient may choose to have breast implant revision surgery, including:

  • Breast implants have deflated (if saline)
  • Implants have ruptured
  • An MRI scan has revealed that your silicone implants have leaked
  • You would like to change the implant type, shape, or size 
  • You are experiencing Capsular Contracture 
  • The implants have shifted or flipped
  • You no longer desire breast implants

Other patients will require or desire a revision breast augmentation procedure because their implants have been in for many years and need replacing.

How Soon After Breast Augmentation Can I Get A Revision?

In some cases, patients have concerns or are unhappy with their appearance after undergoing their an augmentation procedure. However, for the majority of patients, this changes once their implants have settled, the swelling has subsided and the final result is visible.

It can take months for the side effects such as swelling to subside so it is important that patients wait at least six months until they have healed and their final result is visible. A few patients may be unhappy with their final result after this time and desire a breast implant revision. Depending on the patient and their recovery they may need to wait up to a year after their first procedure before undergoing any revision surgery. This is why it is extremely important patients spend time considering their surgical goals and deciding on the right type of implants for them.

Choosing Your New Implants

When undergoing a breast revision procedure, it is essential that patients spend time considering what their goals are and what type of implant they would like to replace their current ones with. For more information on breast implants, you can read our blog ‘Breast Implant FAQs’ but we will outline some of the key factors to consider below:

Implant Types 

With saline implants, patients can revise the size of their implants after the procedure. Since saline implants are filled with saltwater and are filled once they are inserted into the breast, more saltwater can be inserted into the implants or removed from them post-procedure. This prevents the need for surgery and will allow patients to make small adjustments to their implant size after their procedure. 

However, patients with silicone implants will need to have them surgically removed if they desire to replace them. Despite this, some patients do decide to change their implants from saline to silicone as silicone implants tend to look and feel more natural.


The size of a patient’s breast implants is often the reason they desire a revision procedure as they feel they went too big or they did not go big enough. Some patients will have a second procedure to further enhance their breast size as patients can generally only enhance their breasts by around three sizes in a procedure. This means that patients who want a drastic enhancement may choose to have a revision procedure where bigger implants are inserted. Conversely, some patients will have had large implants inserted that are not in proportion to their frame and so they desire new smaller implants to be inserted.


There are two main shapes of implant available: round and tear-dropped. Patients may have either shape inserted and later feel that the other would have been more suitable for their frame and needs. For example, a patient may have round-shaped implants inserted and later see that their result is unnatural on their frame and so tear-drop shaped implants are desired.


If some patients felt that their initial procedure results looked quite unnatural this could be due to the projection of their implants. Their implants, if they have a high projection, would protrude from the chest making them look less natural. For these patients having an implant with a more subtle projection may be more suitable for them to achieve their desired look.

Preparing for the Procedure

Before the Consultation

Patients should spend time considering whether they wish to undergo a breast implant replacement as well as removal and should look into the procedure to ensure they are aware of all aspects of the surgery. If a patient wants to have their breast implants replaced they should review the various types of implants and spend time researching which implant type they wish to replace their current set with.


Dr. Liland will discuss your goals for your revision surgery and can help to advise you on a more suitable type, size, or shape of implant.

You will have time to review various types of implants and can receive expert advice from Dr. Liland on what will best suit your needs.

Before the Procedure

Before undergoing surgery it is recommended that patients wishing to undertake breast implant revision in Dallas stop smoking at least a few weeks before their procedure. You may also be advised to stop drinking alcohol and any medications that may increase the likelihood of risks occurring after your procedure.

More Information

How Much Does Breast Implant Revision Cost In Dallas?

RealSelf states that the average range for a breast implant revision procedure ranges from $2,600 to $13,550. This is an extremely wide range as breast revision procedures are undertaken for a variety of different reasons and so are performed with a range of techniques. For example, it is much cheaper for a patient with saline implants to have their implants deflated and the silicone shell left in the breasts. Other patients will require surgical removal of their breast implants and may desire expensive new implants which will cost significantly more than a removal alone.

To find out how much it will cost to undergo breast implant revision surgery and achieve your particular needs you can book a consultation with Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. Liland. Dr. Liland specializes in breast surgeries and has over 30 years of experience in performing a variety of procedures for a range of different patients. During your consultation, Dr. Liland will assess your specific needs and discuss the revision surgery options available to you, and the various costs for these procedures.

How long will it take to recover from breast implant revision?

As with any aesthetic procedure, the recovery time is a big question. Patients should avoid partaking in intense activities for 3 weeks after undergoing breast implant revision surgery. You’ll need a trusted friend or family member to assist you for the first one to two days post-op. If your occupation doesn’t require much physical activity, you can typically return to work after one to two weeks. Visible scars and swelling usually decrease within two to three weeks. If any new implants are placed during your procedure, you can expect them to settle into their final position during this time as well. Do not be alarmed if your scars last longer than expected. Breast implant revision scars will continue to subside for up to one year after surgery. Try not to rush the recovery process, as everyone’s body heals differently. Listen to your body and to your surgeon’s recommendations post-procedure.

How long will it take to see results?

The final results will not be visible for at least six weeks because of swelling. During this healing time, the breasts will feel harder and less natural. It can take 6-12 months for some patients’ breasts to feel back to normal after the procedure. Again, it’s important to note that everyone’s body heals differently and at different speeds. If you are concerned that your breast revision results are taking too long to show after the procedure, you’ll want to speak to Dr. Liland about your personal healing process and realistic expectations for your body.

Will there be new scars?

Post-surgery scars are a big concern for patients when it comes to any procedure, but especially when it comes to breast implant revision surgery. Since this procedure is a revision, patients are concerned about whether the surgeon will try to cut cleanly on the preexisting scars or create new scars. Any surgery will result in scarring to some extent, and it is important to keep in mind that no matter how unflattering the scarring appears to you, it was made in order to perform a surgery. Advanced technologies do exist, however, in order to make the new scarring less noticeable.

Can breast implant revision fix asymmetry?

Breast asymmetry is something women with and without breast implants have and can, oftentimes, feel insecure about. Sometimes, when women with asymmetric breasts receive breast augmentation surgery, the asymmetry becomes more apparent. Thankfully, this is fixable in breast implant revision surgery. Dr. Liland can fix this with a number of techniques, depending on the nature of the breast asymmetry. Examples of how breast asymmetry can be reconstructed during breast revision surgery:

  • If the unevenness is caused by a difference in breast size, surgeons can put a larger implant on one side in order to make the breasts appear even.
  • If the asymmetry is due to one breast sagging more than the other, surgeons can perform a breast lift on one side.

“Wonderful experience and fantastic results with Dr. Liland and his staff. If I had known how easy and quick the recovery would be, I would have done it much sooner.”

N. Fatemian

Some patients desire a revision procedure to revise or alter their original breast implant surgery as they are unhappy with their results or encounter problems with their implants.

This patient underwent a Breast Implant Revision Procedure to achieve a more symmetrical and balanced result.

Breast Implant Revision Before and After 1

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Dr. Liland is a board-certified plastic surgeon. He has years of experience in cosmetic surgery and can provide a full range of procedures.

If you want to take the next step and learn more about your options, contact us online or call us. Dr. Liland will help you determine whether treatment is right for you and, if so, which solution best suits your needs.