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Male Rhinoplasty Dallas

Many patients feel insecure about the size or shape of their nose and desire to undergo rhinoplasty to enhance their confidence.

Dr. Liland helps his Dallas Male Rhinoplasty patients achieve their ideal nose shape.

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What Is Male Rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty was reported as the top procedure undertaken by men in America in 2018 as over 52,600 patients had a nose reshaping procedure. Consequently, male patients made up 25% of the total rhinoplasty patients that year.

Many male rhinoplasty patients desire to undergo a nose reshaping procedure for aesthetic reasons. Typical aesthetic aims of male rhinoplasty patients include straightening the nasal bridge, reducing or narrowing the nasal bridge, removing dorsal humps, or altering the nostrils. Some patients wish to undergo male rhinoplasty for medical reasons such as breathing difficulties, an injury or trauma to the nose, or a deviated nasal septum.

The specific aims of the surgery will determine which nose reshaping technique is used. Factors such as a patient’s ethnicity will also determine the most suitable technique. During your consultation, Dr. Liland will examine your nose and be able to recommend the most suitable male rhinoplasty technique to achieve your aims.

Who Is An Ideal Candidate For Male Rhinoplasty?

Factors that might make someone a suitable candidate for Male Rhinoplasty include:

  • Are in good physical health
  • Are 18 years old so facial growth is complete (typically occurs later for men than women)
  • Do not smoke
  • Have breathing issues

How Is Male Rhinoplasty Performed?


General anesthesia will be administered for Male Rhinoplasty by a Board Certified Anesthesiologist. For more information on the various types of sedation available you can visit our Sedation Options page.


Small incisions will generally be made inside the nostrils but the specific incision area will be determined by the exact procedure being performed. The nose will then be reshaped by sculpting the bone, cartilage, or nostrils. The exact process will be completely dependent on what procedure is being performed.


The procedure tends to take a couple of hours to perform. All incisions will then be closed with dissolvable stitches and scarring is generally minimal since incisions are typically made inside the nostrils.

Male Rhinoplasty Recovery

Initially, after the procedure, it is essential that our Dallas Male Rhinoplasty patients are driven home by an adult and someone stays with them for the first couple of days while they recover. A splint will be attached to the nose for the first week following the procedure and a follow-up appointment with Dr. Liland will be made to have the splint removed a week after the surgery.

Swelling and bruising are normal side effects and tend to last for a few weeks. However, it can take up to a year for some patients to see the full results of their surgery. It is important to follow all aftercare instructions provided by Dr. Liland to ensure your recovery and results are successful.


“Wonderful experience and fantastic results with Dr. Liland and his staff. If I had known how easy and quick the recovery would be, I would have done it much sooner.”

N. Fatemian

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Dr. Liland is a board-certified plastic surgeon. He has years of experience in cosmetic surgery and can provide a full range of procedures.

If you want to take the next step and learn more about your options, contact us online or call us. Dr. Liland will help you determine whether treatment is right for you and, if so, which solution best suits your needs.