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Reasons Patients Undergo A Nose Job Procedure

Nose job procedures, medically termed rhinoplasty, were reported by the American Society of Plastic Surgery as being the most commonly performed cosmetic procedure in the United States in 2020. Patients desire to undergo rhinoplasty for a large variety of reasons including to:

  • Reduce the size of their nose
  • Straighten the nose
  • Alter the nasal tip
  • Reshape the nose
  • Enhance the size of the nose
  • Fix an injury
  • Correct a deviated septum
  • Enhance breathing

What Are The Different Types Of Nose Job?

As shown by the list above, there are many reasons why patients may wish to undergo a nose job procedure. Some of these reasons are simply aesthetic as a patient wishes to improve their confidence, while other Kaufman nose job patients have medical reasons for desiring the procedure. Some of the main types of nose job procedures include:

Dorsal Hump Reduction

The dorsal hump is frequently listed among the concerns of nose job patients as they feel insecure over the size or shape of their dorsal hump. The procedure, therefore, involves shaving some of the cartilage off the nasal bridge so that the dorsal hump is flattened and the nose is smaller and straighter in appearance.

Nasal Tip Alteration

Some nose job patients have very specific concerns such as over the size, shape, or position of their nasal tip. Techniques can be used to both reduce the nasal tip and reshape or lift it by removing cartilage from the area. Conversely, other patients feel their nasal tip is too small or undefined and so desire an enhancement. This is typically achieved using a cartilage graft taken from another area of the patient’s body. This graft can be attached to the nasal tip and reshaped to the ideal size and position for each patient.


Unlike other nose job procedures, septoplasty is performed for purely medical reasons. The procedure is undertaken to fix a deviated septum which may cause patients to experience breathing difficulties. This procedure is often undertaken alongside a nose reshaping procedure as some patients have concerns regarding the appearance of their nose and also wish to enhance their breathing.

Nose Job Recovery

After a nose job procedure, patients will have a covering or splint put over their nose. This will be removed a week after your surgery and a follow-up appointment will be made with your surgeon to have this taken off and to evaluate your recovery. Most patients still have significant swelling even after the first week and bruising around both the nose and eyes is normal. Applying a cold compress to the nose is often beneficial in reducing these side effects but it is important not to apply pressure to the nose.

We advise that our Kaufman nose job patients take a couple of weeks off work to give themselves time to recover from the procedure. Most patients can return to work and light activity around three weeks after their surgery and tend to have fully recovered within six weeks. During a patient’s recovery period, it is important that their nose isn’t knocked as this can negatively impact the results of the procedure and alter the shape of the patient’s nose.

How Much Does A Nose Job Cost In Kaufman County, Texas?

RealSelf state that the average cost of a rhinoplasty procedure is between $2,125 and $13,225. This is an extremely wide price range as there are multiple factors that impact the cost of the procedure including:

  • Hospital or operating room charges 
  • Experience and expertise of surgeon 
  • Surgery location
  • Surgical techniques
  • Complexity of the procedure
  • Length of the procedure
  • Aftercare products
  • Consultations and check-up appointments 
  • Post procedure complications

This shows that the specific cost of your procedure is reliant on multiple factors so it’s difficult to determine an accurate estimate of how much your procedure will cost. Furthermore, health insurance providers do not tend to cover the cost of nose reshaping procedures. However, some insurance policies will cover the cost of septoplasty procedures, performed to enhance breathing difficulties. To find out if you qualify you would need to contact your health insurance provider. Additionally, to discover the exact cost of the nose job procedure you should book a consultation with a Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon so they can evaluate your goals and recommend the best techniques.

State-Of-The-Art Surgery Center

All cosmetic procedures for our Kaufman County Plastic Surgery patients are performed in Dr. Liland’s Dallas surgery center which is fully accredited by the American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery Facilities (AAAASF). This accreditation allows patients to know a surgery center has a strong commitment to the safety of their patients and complies with all the association’s strict requirements. Therefore, patients can ensure they will receive qualified, trained, and experienced support staff and anesthetists as well as clean fully equipped operating rooms which contain necessary equipment for any emergency situations.

Additionally, the private surgery center contains state-of-the-art surgical suites, equipment, and facilities to ensure the best results can be achieved and all patients can have as comfortable and easy an experience as possible.

Dr. Liland has been performing a variety of cosmetic procedures for 30 years and is known for his high standard of patient care and his excellent bedside manner. Dr. Liland and the rest of the staff support their patients throughout the entire process from initial questions right through to the recovery. Many previous comments have spoken about the excellent level of support and care they have received from Dr. Liland and his team.

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Even small alterations to a patient’s nose can have a significant difference to the result of the procedure. This is why anyone considering a Kaufman nose job procedure should ensure they see at least one Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon for an assessment of their facial features and goals. Book a consultation with Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. Liland who has 30 years of experience in performing cosmetic procedures.

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