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Lipo 360 Dallas, Texas

Liposuction is continually one of the most commonly performed cosmetic procedures in America every year. However, many patients desire to remove fat deposits from multiple areas of the body to achieve their ideal figure and have a balanced look. Lipo 360 is, therefore, an ideal option for many patients, and this blog is designed to provide potential patients with information on the procedure, the recovery period, and the average cost.


Liposuction is a frequently performed procedure that removes unwanted fat deposits from various areas of the face or body to help patients achieve a more contoured look. The surgery consists of making an incision into the desired area and inserting a cannula to vacuum out the desired amount of fat. These small incisions are then closed with sutures and the patient is often able to return home that day.

What Is Lipo 360?

Lipo 360 is a procedure that performs liposuction across multiple areas of the patient’s body to achieve an even and balanced look across the circumference of their body.

How Is 360 Lipo Different From Traditional Liposuction?

The main benefits of lipo 360, compared to a standard lipo procedure are that multiple areas are treated in one surgery, there is only one recovery time and it produces a more balanced appearance. Traditional liposuction only addresses one or two areas of the body, while 360 lipo slims and sculpts the entire torso and promotes more of a total midsection transformation.

What Areas Can Be Treated With Lipo 360?

Liposuction can be performed on most areas of a patient’s face or body, but lipo 360 focuses on the circumference of a body section, such as a patient’s midsection. There are various lipo 360 options and different surgeons will offer different areas or a different number of areas that can be treated in the procedure. It is important to perform research into the areas you wish to have lipo performed on and to book an appointment with a Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon to discover what areas can be included in your lipo 360 procedure. Examples of areas that can be treated by lipo 360 include the:

  • Abdomen
  • Flanks
  • Upper back
  • Lower back
  • Love handles
  • Waist
  • Buttocks
  • Inner thighs
  • Outer thighs

Lipo 360 and Brazilian Butt Lift

A Brazilian Butt Lift Procedure is performed to enhance the size of a patient’s buttocks using a fat graft, which is taken from the body using lipo. Typically, lipo will only be performed on one or two areas to obtain the fat for the fat transfer to the buttocks. However, lipo 360 can be performed as part of a Brazilian butt lift procedure so that excess fat is removed from multiple areas of the body. Lipo 360 is frequently performed across the entire midsection of the body so that excess fat is removed from the entire abdomen and back. This fat is then inserted into the buttocks to the desired extent to achieve the patient’s ideal size, shape, and projection. 

Undergoing lipo 360 with a Brazilian butt lift can significantly enhance the result of the surgery. It helps the patient achieve a more balanced and contoured figure which also helps to enhance the patient’s new curves. This is why some surgeons offer lipo 360 to all their Brazilian butt lift patients as it helps them achieve a curvier and more enhanced look.

Check out this result of a patient who had 360 lipo with BBL:

Can You Get Lipo 360 With A Mommy Makeover?

The goal of a Mommy Makeover Procedure is to restore a woman’s pre-baby body. Often pregnancy can alter a woman’s breasts and stomach, leaving them feeling insecure and wishing to rejuvenate or restore their appearance. Typically the surgeries performed in a mommy makeover procedure will be on the breasts and stomach. However, many patients wish to undergo lipo on an area of their body to help enhance their results and restore their figure. As part of a mommy makeover procedure, patients can sometimes choose to undergo lipo 360 and so have multiple areas treated alongside a breast surgery or tummy tuck. Combining lipo 360 with the other surgeries can help patients to achieve a more contoured and balanced figure than undergoing surgery on just the abdomen and breasts alone.

How Much Does Lipo 360 Cost?

RealSelf states that the average cost of lipo in the United States is $6,725. This can range widely though, because the biggest factors in determining the cost of the procedure are the specific area of the face or body being treated and the number of areas treated.

For more information on the average cost of the procedure on different areas of the face and body, you can read our blog ‘How Much Is Liposuction In Dallas, Texas?

If you wish to undergo lipo on more than one area, undergoing lipo 360 will be cheaper than having multiple separate lipo procedures. The payment for one procedure includes all the surgery costs, such as the hospital and anesthesia fees, so adding additional areas will only increase the cost by the price of the area. Having the procedures done separately will mean patients have to pay these surgical fees again. 

Does Insurance Cover 360 Lipo?

Since the procedures tend to be undertaken by patients to address aesthetic concerns it is very unlikely that insurance providers will help fund the procedure.

How Long Is Lipo 360 Recovery?

Lipo is often an outpatient procedure, meaning patients can return home the day of their surgery. However, the American Society of Plastic Surgery explains that if significant amounts of fat are removed, which is often the case for lipo 360 patients, then you may need to stay in hospital for the night. After the procedure, Dallas lipo 360 patients will need to be driven home and have an adult stay with them for the first couple of days of their recovery. The recovery process will be the same as that after a typical lipo procedure and so side effects such as swelling and bruising are likely to occur.

It is also necessary to wear compression garments on all the areas that underwent the procedure unless your surgeon tells you otherwise. Some patients may have stitches that are not dissolvable and so an appointment will be made with your surgeon to have these removed a few days or week after the surgery. Regardless of the type of stitches used, it is essential to take care of the incision sites to prevent an infection.

The exact recovery process does depend on the specific areas that were treated and how your particular body recovers from the procedure. The recovery will be longer and likely more painful for lipo 360 patients, compared to patients who have had surgery on one area, as a more extensive procedure was performed and more areas were impacted. However, it should still only take a couple of weeks to recover and return to normal activities. For more in-depth information on recovering from a lipo procedure, you can read our blog ‘12 FAQs About Liposuction Aftercare‘.

Are There Non-Surgical Alternatives To Lipo 360?

There are various types of non-surgical fat removal options available that can be performed across multiple regions of the face and body. For example, CoolSculpting is a non-surgical procedure performed to remove excess fat deposits from the body. Rather than surgically removing the fat from the body, CoolSculpting works by freezing the fat cells causing them to die and be removed by the body. The body takes a few weeks to remove the dead fat cells and so results will not be immediately visible but according to Healthline, they should be completely visible within three months. Non-surgical lipo procedures can also be performed across multiple areas as many techniques such as CoolSculpting provide 360 treatments. 

The advantages of non-surgical procedures are that there is a shorter recovery period, no anesthesia, minimal side effects such as bruising, it is generally less painful and it tends to be much cheaper. However, the procedure tends to require more than one session for the results to be visible, and top-up treatments can be required. Additionally, non-surgical treatments are only suitable for patients who have minimal to moderate concerns or fat deposits they desire to be removed. This is because non-surgical treatments remove far less fat from the area treated.

Is 360 Lipo Right For Me?

Ultimately, the suitability of lipo 360 will completely depend on your personal surgical goals. You should continue to research the procedure so you are fully aware of the process, recovery, and potential risks of undergoing the procedure. Potential Dallas lipo 360 patients should book a consultation with one or more Board-Certified Plastic Surgeons who specialize in body procedures such as lipo 360 to undergo a professional assessment to see their suitability for the procedure.


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