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Brazilian Butt Lift Recovery In Dallas

Home » Resources » Brazilian Butt Lift Recovery In Dallas

Brazilian Butt Lift Recovery In Dallas

A Brazillian Butt Lift (BBL) procedure is performed to enhance the size of the buttocks, using a Fat Transfer taken from other areas of the patient’s body. This fat is taken via Liposuction and is injected into the buttocks to achieve the ideal shape and size for each patient.

The procedure is rising in popularity in recent years and the American Society of Plastic Surgery statistic report shows that there has been a 112% increase in Brazillian Butt Lift procedures from 2000 to 2020. This has led to increasing questions regarding recovering from a BBL and how to maximize the results from the procedure. This blog addresses some of the key recovery questions and provides tips and aftercare information.


BBL Healing Stages

1-2 Weeks- Patients should take this time off work to give their body time to recover from the fat graft and the liposuction procedures. During the first few days, the pain and side effects such as swelling will be most significant but the American Society of Plastic Surgery explains that most patients can walk a couple of days after the procedure. During this time it is important to wear a compression garment, drink lots of water and look after any incision sites.

3-4 Weeks– It generally takes most patients three to four weeks to have recovered from a Brazilian Butt Lift procedure. At this time most patients can return to their normal activities and work, but vigorous exercise should still be avoided.

8 Weeks- At this point, most patients can resume all usual activities and can return to exercise. However, it is important to follow your surgeon’s specific instructions and your recovery will vary depending on your individual reaction and healing after the surgery.

BBL Result

All Fat Transfer procedures result in some of the fat that was injected being absorbed by the body. According to after a BBL procedure, the body can absorb between 20% and 50% of the fat that was grafted into the buttocks. However, the percentage of remaining fat that was injected will remain in the buttocks causing it to have been enhanced. 

The final result of the procedure can be seen between 6 and 12 weeks after the procedure has been performed. This result can then be permanent depending on the patient’s future lifestyle choices. Since the buttocks are enhanced using fat cells they will, like any fat in the body, be susceptible to weight changes in the body.

This is why BBL procedures tend to have less significant results than Butt Implants but the procedure tends to produce more natural-looking results. Your surgeon can help advise on which procedure would therefore be most suitable for your goals. 

BBL Aftercare FAQs

When Can I Sit After BBL?

It is generally recommended that you do not sit down for eight weeks after your Brazilian Butt Lift procedure. This is because sitting on your buttocks can cause too much pressure to be applied to the area while it is recovering. Additionally, sitting will reduce blood circulation to the buttocks which can significantly impact the results of a BBL and cause more of the grafted fat cells to die. 

Therefore, to maximize the amount of the fat graft that remains in the buttocks it is advised to wait eight weeks until sitting normally or for long periods of time.

How To Sleep After BBL?

After undergoing a Brazilian Butt Lift procedure patients should also sleep on their side or their front. Sleeping on your back will again put too much pressure on the buttock and will affect blood circulation to the buttocks and can impact the results. Other than not sleeping on your back your sleep should not be impacted greatly by the procedure. Medications will be prescribed to help with any pain and it is important to get plenty of sleep to help your body recover.

When Can I Sleep On My Back After BBL?

The advice for sleeping on your back is the same as for sitting as it is advised that you wait eight weeks. This is because, just like sitting, sleeping on your back can increase the absorption of fat cells in the buttocks. 

What To Eat After BBL?

Many surgeons recommend a diet that is high in fat after a Brazilian Butt Lift procedure in order to maintain the volume of the buttocks from the surgery. Eating a diet high in fat will help provide nourishment for the new fat cells in the buttocks which will help more fat cells survive and remain. Eating foods high in healthy fats such as avocado, salmon, olive oil, eggs, and nuts, etc is advised and will also help the body recover while helping to keep your newly injected fat cells alive.

This diet is recommended for a few months after the surgery and also means eating in a slight calorie excess to the recommended daily allowance. This does not mean that you will necessarily gain weight as post-surgery metabolic rates are normally higher. After this high-fat stage after the procedure, it is then important to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Most patients try to remain a similar weight as if you gain or lose weight after your procedure this will impact the results as the fat in the buttocks will behave as fat anywhere else in the body.

When Can I Wear Jeans After BBL?

All patients should avoid wearing any tight clothing after a Brazilian Butt Lift procedure. Liposuction causes swelling after the surgery and so loose clothing should be worn while recovering. Additionally, tight clothing can put too much pressure on the buttocks and negatively impact the result. This is why jeans should be avoided for at least two months after the procedure. Some surgeons recommend waiting longer than this before wearing tight clothing such as jeans and will instead say to wait three months or longer. 

BBL Recovery Tips

BBL Post-Op Care

After a Brazilian Butt Lift procedure, your surgeon will give you specific instructions for the aftercare process for your exact procedure. However, some general post-operation aftercare instructions include:

  • Is important to walk after the procedure to reduce the risk of blood clots forming. 
  • Patients should drink plenty of water and avoid foods high in salt as this may cause inflammation in the body which can worsen any swelling or fluid build-up in areas where liposuction has been performed. It 
  • It is also recommended that patients do not smoke and should avoid drinking alcohol after the procedure to reduce the likelihood of risks occurring after the procedure and to aid your recovery.

BBL Massages

Massaging the buttocks will put pressure on the new fat cells and can also impact blood flow to the fat cells and so can negatively impact your final result. This is why states that it is not advisable to massage the buttocks after a BBL procedure. 

However, it is often recommended to massage areas after liposuction. Excess fluid build-up and swelling are all normal side effects after undergoing a liposuction procedure. This is why many surgeons will recommend having lymphatic drainage massages a while after your surgery to help with fluid build-up. View our Liposuction Aftercare blog for more information on recovering from a liposuction procedure. 

BBL Compression Garment

The American Society of Plastic Surgery explains that most surgeons will tell their patients to wear a compression garment on all areas that underwent liposuction as part of their BBL procedure. They advise wearing these garments for eight weeks to reduce swelling and help the skin retract. You should wear your compression garments the entire day after the procedure other than to shower and should make sure it is comfortable and not too loose or tight. 

Wearing a compression garment on the buttocks after a Brazilian Butt Lift is not necessary and can actually damage results by killing the newly grafted fat cells. Some Brazilian Butt Lift compression garments are available that are often suited to patients having undergone 360 BBL procedures as they provide support for the stomach, back, and legs but have a different material across the buttocks.

It is important that patients follow their surgeon’s advice and ultimately discuss any concerns or questions with them and follow all their aftercare instructions. 


Researching the recovery period after a Brazillian Butt Lift procedure is an important part of looking into the surgery. If you are considering the procedure it is important to continue researching other aspects of the procedure such as the surgical process, the risks, and who are likely to be good candidates. Additionally, you should book a consultation with a Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon to gain expert advice on your suitability to undergo the procedure. 

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