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Home » Resources » Aftercare Tips And Instructions For Breast Augmentation Patients In Dallas

Aftercare Tips And Instructions For Breast Augmentation Patients In Dallas

Home » Resources » Aftercare Tips And Instructions For Breast Augmentation Patients In Dallas

Aftercare Tips And Instructions For Breast Augmentation Patients In Dallas

A breast augmentation procedure is a type of breast enhancement surgery that can be performed using a fat transfer or breast implants. Most typically, breast augmentation procedures are performed using breast implants and so we will discuss recovery specific to Breast Implant Surgery in this blog. For more information on a Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation, you can view our webpage.


Breast Augmentation Recovery 

Although different types of breast implants are available, the recovery from a breast implant procedure tends to be fairly similar and the same general advice and instructions can be followed. It is important to be aware of what side effects are normal for the various stages after your procedure. If you experience significant pain or side effects that were not explained to you during your consultation, then it is highly important to speak to your surgeon. 

The initial stage of breast augmentation recovery only takes a few weeks, and the results of the procedure tend to be visible a few months after the procedure. It is important that an adult drives you home after your breast augmentation procedure and that someone stays with you for the initial few days as you will need assistance. It is recommended that patients organize their recovery area and sort out things such as childcare, new clothing, time off work, and support around the house before their surgery so the recovery can be as smooth as possible.

Breast Augmentation Recovery Week By Week

It generally takes most breast augmentation patients up to six to eight weeks to have recovered from their surgery. However, the recovery process can vary for patients and requires different actions at various stages of recovery.

Week 1- This is the time where patients will experience the most pain and the most significant side effects. Patients are likely to feel uncomfortable and sore which is why they will be prescribed pain medication. Side effects such as swelling, bruising and some fluid leakage is normal. The dressing will have been placed on the breasts and some patients may have drains in place that will need removing in a follow-up appointment around a week after the surgery.

Week 2- Some women return to work within their second week of recovery. However, most patients take a full two weeks off to give themselves time to recover. The initial dressing will be taken off and it will be recommended that patients wear supportive garments on their breasts as they will still take a while to have recovered from the surgery.

Week 3 – Most of the initial swelling from the procedure will have gone down at this point and the amount of pain should have significantly decreased. This is the time most patients are able to return to work and resume some normal activities.

Weeks 4-6 – The implants will still be settling at this time so there is the potential for some pain and asymmetry between the breasts.

Weeks 6-8 – The final swelling should subside and the results of the procedure will become visible. The implants will also seem more natural at this point and will have settled into their position. 

Breast Augmentation Recovery Tips

  • Prepare your recovery area before undergoing the procedure
  • Organise your new wardrobe for after the surgery
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Avoid smoking or drinking any alcohol 
  • Wear loose clothing
  • Eat healthy foods 
  • Apply cold compresses to the breasts to reduce swelling
  • Sleep in an upright position so that fluid does not build in the chest

Recovery After Breast Augmentation Under The Muscle 

Breast implants are either inserted on top of the chest wall muscle or are placed under the patient’s pectoralis muscles. Your surgeon will discuss where your implants will be inserted and choose the most suitable placement for your individual needs. There are advantages to the breast implants being inserted behind the muscle including the lowered risk of capsular contracture occurring, but the recovery period tends to be longer and more intense.

Healthline explains that if the implants are placed under this muscle then patients are likely to have tightness or aching in their chest muscles as the muscles will need to stretch and relax. It is recommended that exercises of the pectoral muscles are avoided for the first few months as they will need time to be fully recovered before they can endure any exercise.

Recovery After Breast Lift and Augmentation

Many breast augmentation patients choose to combine their procedure with Breast Lift Surgery. These patients do so as they have concerns regarding both the volume of their breasts and their breasts sagging. Many surgeons recommend undergoing the two procedures together since there will only be one recovery period. The recovery will be slightly more intense as additional incision lines will likely have been made and both skin and tissue will have been removed to achieve the breast lift.

Often patients choose to undergo both these breast procedures with another surgery such as liposuction or a tummy tuck. This is classified as a mommy makeover procedure and is frequently performed for patients who have multiple concerns they wish to have addressed in one procedure. For more information on recovery from a mommy makeover procedure, you can read our blog ‘Mommy Makeover Recovery In Dallas

Breast Augmentation Recovery Bra

Initially, after the surgery, your surgeon will recommend special medical garments that are suitable for the specific procedure you underwent. It is important that the breasts are supported and also kept covered to help prevent infections. You will have an appointment with your surgeon where they will remove these initial garments and you may be able to wear a different garment. Always follow your surgeon’s advice on what to wear for the most support after your surgery. After this, it is still recommended that patients wear a sports bra and ensure that their breasts are properly supported.

Rapid Recovery Breast Augmentation 

It is frequently asked how you can speed up your recovery or ensure you have a smooth and fast recovery period. Following your surgeon’s instructions and performing research into various tips for recovery will likely help your recovery period go as smoothly as possible. However, no patients should rush their recovery. Your body will have just gone through an extensive surgical procedure and will need time to heal and recover. Trying to rush back to activities can increase the risk of complications arising. Therefore, all patients should make sure they do not strain themselves, they follow their recovery advice, and follow how their body is feeling.

How Painful Is Breast Augmentation Recovery?

It is difficult to say how painful a patient’s recovery period will be after a breast augmentation. Unfortunately, some patients experience significant pain that lasts for a few weeks. However, other patients have stated that the experience was not very painful and they felt able to return to work a week after their procedure.

There are multiple factors that will impact the level of pain felt by patients including the patient’s age, the length of the procedure, which type of anesthesia and sedation was used and the particular incisions created.

The type of breast augmentation procedure you are undergoing and your individual health will impact how much pain you are likely to feel. This can be discussed with your surgeon prior to the procedure but it is important to remember that no surgeon can accurately predict a patient’s exact recovery period or the level of pain they may experience.


This blog should have provided you with some insight into the recovery period from a breast augmentation procedure. For more information regarding a breast augmentation and its recovery, you should book a consultation with a Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon specialising in breast procedures so you can receive expert advice. Additionally, any patients considering undergoing a breast augmentation procedure should continue to conduct research into the procedure itself, the potential risks, and how much the surgery can cost.

For more information regarding the average cost and financing of the procedure, you can read our blog’ How Much Does A Breast Augmentation Cost In Dallas, Texas?‘ or contact us to book a consultation with our Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon, Dr Liland.


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