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Mommy Makeover Recovery In Dallas

Home » Resources » Mommy Makeover Recovery In Dallas

Mommy Makeover Recovery In Dallas

A mommy makeover procedure involves multiple surgeries on various areas of the body and so the recovery process can vary significantly. It is especially important that patients are aware of the exact recovery instructions for the procedures that they have undergone and know the specific aftercare advice they should be following. This is why it is so important for patients to research the aftercare information from the procedures they wish to ungero. This blog aims to help provide advice for patients who are undergoing any variety of procedures as part of their surgery.


What Is The Recovery Time For A Mommy Makeover? 

Recovery from a mommy makeover procedure will vary depending on the surgeries patients underwent. However, it’s usually recommended to have someone stay with you for the first few weeks of your recovery since performing all your everyday activities will be difficult.

Most women take two weeks off work to recover from their procedure. Mommy makeovers are highly individualized and depending on the procedures you choose to have done the most advisable time to take off work could be more than this. 

For most patients, after six to eight weeks, they will have recovered from their procedure. It is at this point in most patients’ recovery period that the side effects have gone down, and they can start to see the results of their surgery. Furthermore, most patients can resume normal activities and exercise. 

Since patients who have undergone a mommy makeover are likely to have young children it is important to prepare for someone to look after your children in advance of the surgery. Especially if patients have had a full tummy tuck procedure it can take months for them to be able to lift anything heavy or perform many activities which will be necessary to look after young children.

Factors That Impact Recovery

Each patient’s recovery process will vary and depend on a range of factors including:

  • The surgeries performed
  • How extensive the techniques performed were
  • How much skin or fat was removed
  • Skin elasticity
  • Age 
  • Physical health 
  • Body weight 
  • Personal recovery times 
  • How well patients follow post-surgery care instructions

Mommy Makeover Recovery 

During your recovery from your procedure, you will likely experience multiple side effects that are your body’s natural reaction to having undergone surgery. Although these specific side effects will vary depending on which procedures are undertaken, swelling, bruising and pain are common reactions to many of the surgeries patients are likely to undergo.

A mommy makeover involves multiple procedures and so will require more recovery time than if only one procedure was performed. Each surgery has specific aftercare tips and instructions that it is important to follow.

Brazilian Butt Lift

The recovery from a Brazilian butt lift has two distinct aspects including recovering from liposuction and recovering from the fat transfer. Liposuction recovery is outlined in more detail in the paragraph below but requires the use of compression garments. However, compression garments cannot be worn on the buttocks after a fat transfer as this can negatively impact the result by putting too much pressure on the area. This also means patients cannot sit or lie on their backs for the first eight weeks after the procedure. For more information on the aftercare process, you can read our blog ‘Brazilian Butt Lift Recovery In Dallas‘.

Breast Surgeries 

Recovering from any breast procedure will take a few weeks and it is important to take time off work to allow your body time to recover. Although the specific aftercare instructions will vary depending on whether patients choose to undergo a Breast Lift, Breast Augmentation, or Breast Reduction, it will be essential that the breasts are covered and supported after surgery. There are various bras or garments that are suitable for wearing after specific breast procedures and it is important to follow your surgeon’s advice to the area is properly supported after your operation. Incision sites will also need to be kept clean and covered to prevent the chance of infection. For more information on recovering from a breast augmentation procedure view our blog ‘Aftercare Tips and Instructions For Breast Augmentation Patients In Dallas‘.


There are specific instructions for recovery from a liposuction procedure that patients should be aware of. Liposuction results in significant swelling in the area where the procedure is performed. This means that compression garments must be worn on that area for a few weeks or even months after the procedure. Your surgeon will discuss how long you need to wear these for and it is important to follow their advice to ensure that the swelling is minimized and the best result is achieved. For more information on recovering from a liposuction procedure, you can view our blog ‘12 FAQs About Liposuction Aftercare’ which contains more extensive recovery advice.

Tummy Tuck 

Tummy tuck procedures tend to have a more extensive recovery period than most other cosmetic procedures. It is recommended that patients have two weeks off work and it will take six to eight weeks for patients to be able to return to normal activities. If patients undergo a mini tummy tuck procedure then the recovery period will be less significant as the procedure is far less extensive.

The incision line from a tummy tuck is quite large and so it is very important to keep it clean and covered during your recovery period to help prevent infection. Additionally, heavy lifting must be avoided for the first month or two and it is important to wear your compression garment for as long as your surgeon advises. For more extensive aftercare information you can read our blog ‘A Patient’s Guide To Tummy Tuck Recovery In Dallas’.

Mommy Makeover Recovery Tips 

It is essential after surgery that patients:

  • Do not smoke
  • Do not consume alcohol
  • Take care of all incision sites after their surgery
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Reduce salt intake to decrease inflammation

Additionally, the American Society of Plastic Surgery advises mommy makeover patients to set up a comfortable place for their recovery. The list of items they suggest having nearby includes a water bottle, washbasin, the potential medications you may need, snacks, and extra pillows. It is important that patients get plenty of rest and ensure to sleep in comfortable positions that do not put too much pressure on any areas that have undergone a procedure. Although exercise should be avoided it is recommended that patients go for walks frequently to reduce the chance of blood clots and to help the body recover.

RealSelf explains that due to having had significant surgeries performed on your body as well as being on multiple medications, most patients can feel very emotional. It is important for patients to be prepared for this and ensure they have people around them for emotional support until they have recovered.

Mommy Makeover Results 

Due to the initial side effects from some of the procedures, such as liposuction and tummy tucks, the final result of the procedure will not be immediately apparent. This is because of the significant amount of swelling and bruising which tends to occur and this can take months to fully subside and it can take up to a year for the full result of your procedures to be visible. Other procedures such as breast implant surgery will show immediate results but it will take a while for the incision sites to have recovered. It is essential patients do not try to rush their recovery to try and see their results sooner.

Mommy Makeover Scars

A common concern for many patients is how significant the scarring will be from their surgery. Your surgeon will be able to explain the exact techniques suitable for your needs and will show you the incision lines and therefore the likely scars.

All surgeries which use a scalpel to create an incision into the skin will inevitably leave a scar. The extent of the scarring will depend on how large the incision lines are and this will depend on the specific technique being used. Some incision lines can be ‘hidden’ for example breast augmentation incision lines can be created in the fold of the breasts so they are much less visible. 

However, procedures such as tummy tucks will require a relatively large incision line that runs between the hips. Additionally, extensive breast lifts and reductions will also involve more extensive incision lines that often run along the breast tissue. For more information on breast lift scarring, you can view our blog ‘Everything You Need To Know About Breast Lift Scars’.


This blog should have helped inform potential patients about what their recovery period might look like and the general advice they should follow. It is important for anyone planning to undergo the procedure that you conduct additional research into the specific procedures they are having performed. Your surgeon will provide you with specific aftercare instructions that are necessary for the specific surgeries you plan to undergo and it is essential to follow your surgeon’s instructions.


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